Condensing Fan Motor Repairs For Home Air Conditioners

When it comes to fixing condensing fan motors for home air conditioners out experts at ac repair Miami, FL can help homeowners and businesses! If your air conditioning system has recently stopped working properly or has quit functioning at all then there are some simple troubleshooting techniques that will need to be carried out. By checking in a few different areas of your air cooling system you should be able to pinpoint the problem. Miami, FL is hot over two-thirds of the year so having your air conditioner units and systems running properly and efficiently is important for maintaining a comfortable residence.

One of the most frequent problems we see when repairing an a/c unit is a non-working condensing fan motor.  This component is typically found in the outdoor unit of a central air machine near the main air compressor. The main cause of a non-functioning condenser motor is usually a bad motor run capacitor. When our trained and certified air conditioning technicians in Miami diagnose the trouble area we will find out if you either need a new condensing fan motor or if you may be able to replace the capacitor.

At ac repair Miami, FL we check to see if your fan motor is difficult to spin or turn. If the fan blade is tight and stiff then we will order a replacement motor which will get your air conditioner working again. A bad motor can cause your energy costs to go up and will make the air cooling mechanisms become very inefficient.

Replacing a condensing fan motor is usually the best idea as opposed to repairing your old one because repair costs will be more than the price of a new unit. The best brands for air conditioner parts are Bryant, Carrier, Lennox, Amana, General Electric, York, Trane, and Honeywell. There are many others but these manufacturers make quality ac repair parts with great product warranties.

If your need a repair for an outdoor air compressor, fan motor, or condensing coil because they have quit working and your air conditioning system is no longer blowing out cool air then please contact our AC Repair Services in Miami, FL today for a in-home service call!

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